Erindi Game Reserve Day 1

Elephant at waterhole

We arrived just after lunch. It was a beautiful place.

After we pitched the tents we went to the waterhole to see what wildlife might be there.


Zebras at waterhole



A night in Grunau


Sunset in Grunau, Namibia

We reached our destination at dusk – but happy to have finally arrived at the first stop of our Namibia adventure.

This was the colors that greeted us as we drove into Grunau. It was an 820 km drive from home.


Sunrise in Grunau

The colors just before sunrise were even more breathtaking than the sunset.


Beautiful old cars




Cape Town to Epupa falls




Oh Namibia! Known for its beautiful landscape, wildlife, sunrises and sunsets.

A week ago, I embarked upon a road-trip adventure to the Epupa Falls. The experience left me loving Namibia even more.

My journey began at home(Cape Town, South Africa). It was a 2400 km adventure to the Epupa falls.

As we drove out of the mist I just had to stop and take a few snaps.